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U.S. Home-Price Growth at Fastest Rate in Nearly Three Years!

U.S. house prices continued to show no signs of slowing, hitting their highest in nearly three years as demand remains hot!

The S&P/Case-Shiller 20-city index rose 5.9% in the three-month period ending in February compared to the same period a year ago, an acceleration from its 5.7% yearly increase in January. This is the highest rate since July, 2014.

The 20-city index was up 0.4% for a month, or a 0.7% gain when seasonally adjusted.


Monthly change (%)

12-month change (%)


Atlanta 0.4 5.6
Boston 0.4 7.6
Charlotte 0.5 6.1
Chicago 0.2 6.2
Cleveland -0.3 4.5
Dallas 1.1 8.8
Denver 0.4 8.5
Detroit 0.3 6.2
Las Vegas 0.4 6.3
Los Angeles 0.4 5.1
Miami 0 6.7
Minneapolis 0.1 5.9
New York 0 3.2
Phoenix 0.4 5.3
Portland 0.8 9.7
San Diego 1 6.5
San Francisco 1.2 6.4
Seattle 1.9 12.2
Tampa -0.5 6.9
Washington 0.2 4.1

Now is the time to sell to get the most out of your investment. Call us today to find out how we can help you get the most from the sale of your home.


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America’s Top 5 Up-and-Coming Foodie Towns

Who’s ready to eat? has selected the top 5 up-and coming foodie towns by the following criteria:

  • # of non-fast-food restaurants per capita
  • # of craft breweries, food trucks & markets
  • % of adults who dine out 3x per week
  • # of mentions in food magazines
  • # of Michelin-recommended restaurants

Let’s eat!


This is one of the prime meals-on-wheels locales in the United States. Welcome to street food nirvana with 155 different food trucks. 


Tradition plus innovation equals one of the surprise eating destinations on the East Coast. There is something for everyone in this new food mecca.


Fresh and experimental eats here in the birthplace of the farm-to-table movement with many cool and weird places to try. 


Award-winning, locally caught seafood is creatively prepared. Blue crabs, oysters, fish, shrimp, and clams are hauled in daily. 


Beer, booze, and barbecue. Southern food is elevated using local ingredients and taking mountain cuisine to new heights. 

Where will you go for your next food adventure?


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Detroit Tigers 2017 Opening Day Roster

Hey batter, batter, batter! It’s that time of the year, again. Spring is in the air and the Tigers are ready to come out to play. April 7, 2017 is officially Opening Day for the Tigers as they take on the Boston Red Sox at 1:10 p.m. Whether you plan to go to the game or just hang around downtown Detroit, here is the full roster for the game:


Matthew Boyd

Michel Fulmer

Shane Greene

Daniel Norris

Francisco Rodriguez

Bruce Rondon

Kyle Ryan

Anibal Sanchez

Justin Verlander

Alex Wilson

Justin Wilson

Jordan Zimmermann


Alex Avila

James McCann


Miguel Cabrera

Nicholas Castellanos

Jose Iglesias

Ian Kinsler

Dixon Machado

Andrew Romine


Tyler Collins

JaCoby Jones

Mikie Mahtook

Justin Upton


Victor Martinez

Eat ’em up, boys! Good luck to the Tigers!

Line up courtesy of CBS Detroit 

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Cheap Upgrades to Make a Home Feel New!

#1 Sensor Lights – Brighten Up! 

Add sensor lights to your porch and any other entrance. Starting at just $15, it’s a tiny cost with a BIG REWARD. These lights won’t just improve your visibility, they’ll also LOWER YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL.


#2 Keyless Entry – Make it Easy!

If you’re always losing your keys, invest in a keyless entry pad. Plus, it’ll only run you about $100.


#3 Low-Flow Toilet – Save Water! 

Chose a low-flow toilet to save water. Expect to pay between $100 and $325 for the toilet, but with a high efficiency flusher you’ll use around 300 fewer gallons of water.


#4 Fresh Mulch – Mix It Up! 

There’s no need to go full out on landscaping. Replacce your mulch for around $6 and the fresh layer will make your yard POP!


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8 Staircase Decorating ideas

When it comes to decorating your home, people tend to overlook the staircase. However, the stairs are a focal point of your home – and often the first thing that your guests, or if you’re selling, a potential buyer will see when they walk in your front door. 

So banish boring stairs! Here are some decorating ideas that suggest how to jazz up this important- yet overlooked – feature of your house, with paint, tile, wallpaper and more. 


Add a fresh burst of color on the toe kick of every step on yoru staircase, says Art Freedman, CEO of Max Warehouse in Sacramento, CA. 

Consider contrasting shades for each step, or even the ombré route. 

You could also cover risers with numbers, the ABCs, or chalkboard paint an instant art center for the kids. 


A fab remnant or a discontinued style may not be enough to covery your half bath, but a limited amount of wallpaper should suffice to cover each stair riser. The same holds for accent tiles that you might use in the kitchen or bathroom. 

Bonus: Most tiles can handle the everyday wear and tear (and kicks) that your family will dish out as they head up and down the stairs. 


Depending on where the stairs are located (back steps to the kitchen, office, home gym, or garage are ideal for this), write out a phrase to inspire you as you climb. “A quote or saying can be energizing each time you use the staircase,” says Freedman. 

You could also put the days of the week, the signs of the zodiac or the name of each family member (and the dog) on risers. 

Note: This technique can also go badly wrong. Avoid tweets from political figures. 


The area underneath a staircase is often an afterthought, but there are dozens of ways to utilize this real estate for storage. 

You might even build out this area to create a home office, sewing nook, or gift-wrapping station. 


If your staircase comes with a plain ol’ wooden banister, consider an upgrade. 

consider your home’s decor and then choose coordinating material (wrought iron, steel, horizontal wire, or even glass). 


Consider removing carpet, especially if there’s beautiful wood underneath blah floor coverings. If not, you can also add a rug as well. 

Think neutral colors and patterns if you’re planning to sell in the near future. 


Do not crowd the space at the top or bottom of your suitcase. Too much furniture on the landing or the base of the stairs can make potential buyers feel cramped as they tour your home. This will make your home feel larger and more grand.

The bottom line: Stairs should be a calm space of transition. 


Regardless of how it’s designed, your staircase has to shine in order to make a good impression.

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The 5 Best Home Improvements You’ll Ever Make

A New Deck 

A new deck will provide a solid return on investment.

According to Remodeling Magazine, the upgrade will have an estimated 75% ROI.


The Basement

Fixing up the basement will add a whole new level of living space to your house and get you over 70% ROI, higher than a rehabbed kitchen or bathroom.

A New Front Door

Front door replacements have a high ROI, with 91.1% for steel doors and 82.3% for fiberglass doors.


Attic Insulation

Installing new insulation will score the highest ROI for your home: 116.9% return!!!

Plant a Tree

Do you know planting a tree is cheap?

Did you know it will end up being a good investment?

A mature tree can add $1,000 to $10,000 to the value of your home, according to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers.



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