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Should You Fix Up Your Home Before Selling?

Image via Unsplash It’s no fun paying for renovations that you don’t get to enjoy yourself. Nevertheless, many sellers have no choice but to remodel before listing. But just because a home needs updates doesn’t mean it needs a total overhaul. Here’s how you can determine which projects are worth the money. First, decide what […]

5 Steps to a Healthier Home

Believe it or not, being healthy at home isn’t just about what’s happening in your fridge. Sure, it’s a good starting point, but there are actually many ways to create a pro-health environment throughout your home. Here are five simple ways to start. Declutter the kitchen. In this case, we’re not talking about knickknacks—we’re talking about […]

Reducing Credit Card Debt: 6 Ways

Like many Americans, you may be looking for a way to bring down your credit card debt. To help, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) offers the following six tips. Pause some spending. Identify any automated payments that can be eliminated or temporarily paused while you’re paying off debt. Consider delaying or reducing large […]

Freezing? You Can Be Toasty Warm and Still Save Energy

  With most of the United States weathering record low temperatures that will likely continue through February, the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is educating homeowners about simple ways to save energy while keeping warm. CEA experts have compiled a list of easy, tried-and-true energy saving tips that can help households stay comfortably warm and still […]

2018 Design Forecast: Statement Floors and Floral Print

Out with succulents and in with floral prints—2018 is shaping up to be a big year for color! Trulia recently unveiled it’s 2018 Home Design Trend Predictions, which named pattern on pattern, wallpaper and high gloss lacquer on walls as some of the trends that will be “in” this year. Trends that Trulia predicts will be “out” […]

Tips for Stretching a Small Living Room

Some people see a small living room as a cozy, intimate space. Others say they simply feel cramped. For those who fall into the latter category, professional decorators offer the following seven tips for making any living area look more spacious: Clear out the clutter. Nothing makes a room look cramped like having too much […]

7 Tips to Make Your Spare Bedroom Shine This Summer

With summer vacation season in full swing, chances are good that your guest room will see its fair share of traffic. Does your guest bedroom say “budget motel” or “five-star getaway”? Will your loved ones actually look forward to staying at your place, or dread it? Luckily, it doesn’t take much to create a stylish […]

15 Most Family-Friendly Metros: Do You Live in One?

So you’re looking for a new home to accommodate your growing family. You’ll need more space. Check. An easy commute to work. Check. And good schools for the kids. Check! You’d better start looking in the Midwest. Top 15 most family-friendly cities and towns  Blue Springs, MO (outside of Kansas City, MO) Tuttle, OK (Oklahoma […]