Effective Ways to Prevent Falls During Your Senior Years


Photo via Pexels

Written by Hazel Bridges

Fall prevention is an important topic to consider when you reach your senior years. Due to the health changes that come with aging, seniors face an increased risk of experiencing a fall-related injury at home. Thankfully, a few preventive steps can keep you safe! Here’s a quick guide to help you reduce your fall risk at home so you can age-in-place with confidence. 

Downsize Your Home

Smaller homes are easier to navigate with mobility issues. Downsizing into a more manageable living space will also reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do!

  • Smaller homes are more accessible, but they also come with several other unexpected perks!
  • Ensure your new home will accommodate your current lifestyle and potential future health concerns.
  • Take some time to understand the current trends in senior home buying.
  • When you’re ready to start looking for homes, contact The James Silver Team for help!

Invest in Smart Tech

Today’s smart home devices can help you stay safer, healthier, and more independent while aging-in-place. 

Make Some Lifestyle Changes

Maintaining your whole-body health can go a long way to reduce your risk of falling or sustaining an injury from a household fall.

  • When it comes to preventing falls and maintaining your independence, strength training is essential.
  • You can find several senior-friendly workouts online.
  • Balance and flexibility exercises can also help you avoid falls, so give yoga a go!
  • If you struggle with dizziness, talk to your doctor about possible causes and treatments.

Don’t live out your senior years in fear of falling. While falls are more common as we grow older, there are several steps you can take to reduce your risk. Consider downsizing, outfit your home with smart tech, and keep your body strong. These preventive measures will help you feel safe and secure while aging-in-place!